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The possibilities of an AppyBee web widget

Updated: Aug 10

As a company or entrepreneur it is difficult to choose a good booking platform, because each platform offers different options. Fortunately, AppyBee has the perfect solution for this, as the platform offers many possibilities, including a handy web widget. With the web widget we ensure that the booking platform can be linked to your website. There are various ways for this that can be realized as desired. That is why we tell more about the possibilities of a web widget in this blog.

What is a web widget?

A web widget is a handy module that allows you to install various components on your website. For AppyBee this is a booking system. With our web widget you make it easier for (potential) customer to order and book your products and services. In addition to a bit of convenience, it also looks professional, which increases the chance of orders.

What web widgets are there? Within the web widget there are several options for integrating our booking platform on the website. Those are:

Flap / pop-up on the side

This variant is a bar on the right side of the screen. The moment the button "books" is pressed, the pop-up on the right slides into the image. This way the customer stays on the website and a product or service can easily be purchased.

Full screen pop-up

The full screen pop-up ensures that a pop-up opens in the full screen after the click. An order can be placed directly via this screen and the page does not have to be left.


With the inline variant, the customer immediately enters the screen where he or she can place an order. The booking system is incorporated in the page, so that the customer no longer has to click the "book" button. This makes it even easier and it looks like the booking system is part of the website.

Direct link

The "book now" button refers your customer to a separate page where the booking can be arranged. This is a separate part and the booking system is not directly or actually not linked to the website at all. This variant is often used when you do not have a website and / or placed behind the "Book now" button on Facebook or Instagram.

Customized web widget

Every company is different and has its own corporate identity. At AppyBee it is possible to completely adapt the web widget to your corporate identity. This way you can be sure that everything is in the same style and it looks as if the platform has been built into the website. Customers therefore immediately have the impression that everything runs through the website instead of a separate booking platform. This increases the convenience for the customer and contributes to a professional image.

Are you still unsure about the possibilities of our web widget? Please contact us and we will be happy to tell you more about the possibilities for your company.


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